Greek..... resistance!!!!!!

Hello guys!!!

I am posting this, because of the latest disturbing news from Greece about that stupid law concerning video games…

“Greek resistance” has allready been organized…

Although I think that stupid laws such as this, won’t stand a chance and that the whole case will soon be forgoten as many other wonderfull stupidities of our ALLIEN Greek government( :stuck_out_tongue: )… I hope this will make a lot of you feel a little bit better:

Gaming is not a crime!
We will prevail!



You Go Skontar!

Out lawing electronic games… what next!

All people who likes beeing considered as a responsible adult and who hates alien government support you!
That kind of stupid law never lives on, just the time to make a good laughter. Specially when I saw how MSN presented it! Reading the post there would almost make you think Greece is an awful bad sci-fi dictatorship (but perhaps is what Europe looks like from oversea?..)
Anyway, I don’t worry for you, since I heard the resistance is more determined and aware than the lawyers in your country. After all, who invented democracy!
So courage, I support your action and understand it: in France we once had a minister who wanted to ban foreign words (i.e english ones like “week-end” or “fast-food”…) that french contains!!! And if you look carefully, all word is foreign, it’s only a matter of time!
I’d type in latin if this law had been token seriously!!.. Well latin is italian anymay!!

Dear governant, now I’ll grunt and howl like my very very local ancestors!

Agrugru to ya all!

Microsoft has a vested interest in this.
So does Sony and all the other big tek companies!
How long can this law stand in the face of those guys?
There’s a big market at stake!

Well, it won’t stand very long…

Actually it didn’t have any chances from the begining!!!

Now if GIANT companies, such as these you have mentioned, are actually interested in the case, it seems that my government will solve the problem in a decisive way, as they allways do in such important matters…

You know… lowering the pants, falling on their knees… and… well I don’t want to be censored ok??? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


OPA!!! :wink:

games in greece forever!


Are you sure you are not a Greek Mazer???


Time for some news from Greece:

The Greek Minister of Economy, stated this morning that the “game law” is a matter that is definetly closed, meaning that the government is in no case, going to reconsider the issue…

Other latest news from Greece:

Government spokesman Christos protopapas stated that the picture of state mechanism reflects inadequacy and weakness, adding that mistakes were made in dealing with the floods…

and now sports…

Now I get it!!! First they want to strike our youth, by taking away happiness and joy…

After that, just before we all die out of boredom, they are planning to finish us with floods!!!

I hate Alliens!!! :x :x :x :x :x


rise your voice and let them know what you want!!! we want to play videogames as free as they come!!! yyyeeeaaahhhhhh! LOL :wink: :smiley: :smiley:

now,serious: that law is very unfair and if we let those things happen,what are they going to prohibit next? :x

PS: Skontar- and if they insist in that stupid law,you can use a secret weapon against them…so horrible that they will desire death! here it is use it against them!

LOL ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Thank you gargola!!!

We will certainly need it…

But just in case, I will keep the creature as a last line of defence…

I don’t want to waste such a strategic weapon from the beginning!!!( he, he, he… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway, to get serious, no one thinks that this stupid law will hold…
Not even the government…

It’s just that it is a stupid act and now they can’t take it back…

I think it will soon be forgoten…



and not to mention that they will be losing money,right? anyway,hope for the best. :smiley:

court struck down the law:

Hey Kevin, the link you provided leads to a membership area! Anymay if you say so I believe you, that’s good news!
Government really turns nuts by this time…