greek/roman temple

Hey guys, my first wip/render i post here.
I hope to be in a few months/years as good as most of you guys.
But now time for my wip :smiley:
You can see the shot in the attached pic.(ps. don’t pay attention to the background :P)

But i got 2 problems :frowning:
The shadow on my column, you see some dots
(can’t explain it in english sorry :blush:
for the dutch people: het lijkt wel of de schaduw uit grote punten bestaat)

sorry, didn’t rendered the fallen tile.
will add it as soon as possible.

And the second problem:
the tile on the floor, i want to find a good way to make them look like they have broke due they fall of the tile.
is there a python script or do i have to make triangles of my faces to make them look sharp?
grtz, Breakerh


Here is a update.
Click on the pic for a higher res.
Added a place to walk onto the temple.
Next to do is, making a sign in the side of the temple roof.
and making some torches and broken ‘tiles’.

well, first, don’t get discouraged
i would think you’d want something under the roof tiles to support them
try adding a hemi lamp for some fill light, and maybe AO set to sub, falloff 5, energy .5 or somewhere around there

There is still a lot you could do with this to improve it. Add soem variation to the colors in the lamps and what not to give the render a softer image. Also you are going to want to add a ground to give the image the feeling that it is actually in the real world along with putting a skybox in to increase the quality of the render. If you do some of these now while you have the basics finished with our model then maybe it will help you out by allowing you to visualize your finished product more fully than you can now. Don’t just work on one thing at a time. Work on your project as a whole. It keeps you from getting discouraged if one thing isn’t working out right. Post your results and keep up the good work man. :).