GreekBlend Forum updated (added english forums)

Here is my greek blender community forum :slight_smile:
Although it is greek, it has also has a section for people who speak english.
Please post your C&Cs about the forum in this thread or join us…

… to see a Greek Forum around!:slight_smile:

i am also from Greece!
my Name is Vassilios Cagiaoglou “Boucer” and i live in Germany Munich,
i think there are not so many People from Greece using Blender 3d application…! I dont know Why!? (the most Greeks …speaks and understand English)
The Kerkythea Developer Giannis is also from Greece!
So… i hope this Forum helps to make this Amazing 3D Application “Blender 3D” more Popular in Greece!

Thanks !

Orangina Rounded Themes for Blender:

There aren’t any replys to anything on the whole site.

Yes it just opened yesterday

BTW: Does anybody know what happend to Timonides/Skontar ?

I’ve updated the site and know it has 4 more forums for users who speak english (see the english section) .What is more guests can now reply to topics but not to start their own.
Drop a visit or become a member if you want :wink: