Greektoys : New episode

Valios and the treasure of griko: Journey to South Italy Greektoys is happy to announce the new episode: “Valios and the treasure of griko: a journey to South Italy”. Animation and live action in italian landscapes is combined with music by the group Encardia, a famous greek group that sings in griko (greek-italian dialect).

In this episode, the animated characters come in contact with griko language in the most amusing way: Aesop’s fable “The Crow and the fox” is presented through animation. The fable has been rendered with Freestyle.

Greektoys is an educational project that creates the animated series Greektoys

Valios is a little horse-toy made of clay, Lilly is a rattle and Filon is a baby’s milk bottle in a pig shape. Our little friends live adventures and travel in other countries where they meet toys of other civilizations.

All processes: animation, video editing, visual effects have been done with Blender and free/open source software.
Live action and landscapes filming is done with BlackMagic camera.

Available subtitles in EN, IT, ES
Enjoy the journey!

I want to go there.

The sound from the song is so excellent.