Green Arrow

Don’t take this the wrong way but I would recommend starting over and follow the Dragonrose Tutorials posted on Youtube. They were a great hep to me and I believe that they will have you Green Arrow looking great.

As i was watching through the dragonrose videos i see that i was following pretty much the same path he/she was just i have not been using subsurf. Obviously my work is not as good as dragonrose but i think with more time i can work my way there. As long as i have a “destination” in mind for how i want this character to look i need to be less afraid of being messy and start having some fun with this model, then it can really start coming together (i hope =P).

Yep. You cannot become good overnight. It takes time. But be assured that you will get better. :wink:

Does anyone know of any good hand tutorials? I think i have the body done, might do a touch ups or something but for now i need to focus on the hands. For a character that relies mainly on his arms i figure they are an important feature. =)

decided to make the hands separately and i think they are looking good.

as always c&c is welcome


Top view looks good, but the hand is very flat i think.

Ah, k ill try to add more knuckles and things like that. I was trying to make the palm more noticeable but i guess the pictures dont show it. And looking back the thumb looks a but high up.

thanks again

how can i import the hands (which are a separate .blend) into the green arrow file, or can i not do that.

also for the head, should i use what i have already started with or make it with a different style?

here are the most recent renders, screen shots:

as always c&c is welcome and appreciated :smiley:


For the head, I’d suggest to follow a tutorial on modeling heads. Also, i’d model the head and the hat separately.

yeah thinking back modeling it that way wasn’t wise. But if i wanted to model the head as a completely separate .blend file can i import it to the green arrow file? or should i just model it in the same .blend?

I’d just model it on a different layer. However, if you model it in another .blend, it is easy to include it with “append or link” from the file menu.

ahh ok, well thank you for the tip.

i’ll try to get started on the head soon and hopefully finish it over the weekend. Then i’ll need to learn how to texture =P

Hmm well i seem to have hit a roadblock as far as making the head goes, and sorry about that. Wanted to get it mostly done over the weekend. But finding decent reference images turned out to be harder than i thought. Is it worth it to just take a picture of any face that gives the general feel of green arrow and model it off that?