Green cleaning

Hey all. This post has no relation to Blender at all. But I thought I’d reach out a hand to the Blender community in hopes of some aid with this.

My wife has been steadily pushing forward to build a green cleaning business to promote the use of green products and enviromentally friendly ways of living. Its been an uphill climb to say the least. Lots of disappointments and delays. Much of the cost of moving forward is very small. But with a family and normal bills it can be hard to come up with a few extra hundred. And we know that if we had the funds we could quickly expand and grow. (We have clients waiting, but can’t expand until we have a business license and insurance)

Advanta has a nice contest going on where you submit an idea and then people can vote on the idea. The winner would then receive a $10k check to help fund the business. If you at all believe in the idea of a green lifestyle or are just in a kind mood. Please go vote for our idea located here.

Thanks all. Keep blending.:yes:

Thank you all who have been supportive thus far. Its appreciated.