why for art thou down??

(gryphon) #1

Anybody knows who runs it and how much I would have to pay them to bring it back up long enough for me to get my grubby paws on the Sequence Editor Tutorial?

It’s been down for about a week, unless it’s just a conspiracy againt me, or something. I hate it when that happens.…come back to us, please!!! =]

(sten) #2

Green runs it…but now I he soon back in business :stuck_out_tongue:

(Green) #3 is where my homepage used to be.

I used to run a webserver on my computer that the page was on.

but now I moved to a new city and a new isp. and this isp wont let me have an ip. so I cant run a webserver on my computer. the ip instead goes to a gateway. so many people share the same ip.

the homepage will be up again when I get some free webspace from school. their mega huge server havto arrive first. (one terrabyte storage space)

(gryphon) #4

Well, if you need a server (for now or forever), I run my own server too. I’ll give you whatever space you need.

This actually goes out to all of the Blenderheads. If you need web serving, I can give you access to my server. I’ve got 25 gigs and ADSL that the community can use. =]

If you’re interested, e-mail me: [email protected]

(acasto) #5

Some ISP can be a pain. It amazes me how many idiots are out there setting up ISPs around the world. Theres one particular group of people I can not stand to be around (don’t know if anyone can relate), but it’s the group that use to use a little NT, and now they have XP and a T1, and they suddenly become an all powerfull cyber god. I’m not sure about the rest of the world (though I here there is some wonderful infrastructure around Europe), here in the US, there is some very wonderful networks and lots of fiber, but most is dark. I wish the world would change when it comes to business practices, especially in IT. Everyone seems to want to hire these new college grad who went and got a CS degree. I met one CS grad who didn’t know what cat-5 was, and another one who didn’t know how to install windows 98!

Oh well, perhaps someone, with some money and skills, will set the standard one day.

(IMProvisar) #6

Yeah… I toured a professor’s ISP once, very little to set up a small one. (I think he did it with some friends, while he was still getting a CS degree, and in the Army… but this guy’s a super network geek… consultant for Lucent now).

Hey, I’m about to get my CS degree! lol… but I know what the first is, and have done the second several times. One up… I know a definition of ATM beyond Automatic Teller Machine. :stuck_out_tongue:


P.S. - Asynchronous Transfer Mode. Even set up some ATM equipment once.