Green Forest Cowboy Church

Some of you may remember me from way back, I’ve picked up Blender again, this is a total EEVEE render and I need some good critique and ideas for improvement, plus a good tutorial on creating a photorealistic bird. I want the background and foreground to be a lot more blurry/defocused than what they are, but couldn’t get it to come out right with the subject being in focus.


Quick update.

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I think the church looks too cartoonish.

How do you propose I make it look more realistic?

Anyone? Anyone at all? I need ideas and suggestions.

The church has no shadows adding depth to it.

Besides the shadows you could add some moss/ fallen leaves on the roof and perhaps some vines climbing the walls.

I think, that textures of the church needs to be higher quality.

I’ve done everything I know to get shadows on it, but it just won’t shade.
I’m using a HDRI and I’ve turned down the strength and it’s still not shady.

the church really needs some improvements, its roof is too flat maybe even too thin and the walls might need better texturing.
I’ve found this picture of a church similar to yours on google

a reference really helps getting the details and depth.

Or, maybe you can just blur the background a lot more, instead of adding more detail to it.

That’s almost the exact one I used as a reference.

Somehow making exact replica of the church made it look even WORSE.
I made each roof shingle, each board, looks worse somehow than the first one.

It alsmost looks like the normals are pointing inside the church. Try recalculating the normals so the normals face out.

The Normals are pointed outside.

Looking entirely at the composition of the second version, I find myself grabbing my trusty “cropping squares” (which consist of two L-shaped pieces cut from a picture mat) and looking for “the picture within the picture.”

First of all, i suggest that everything to the left of the fencepost and the horseshoes isn’t doing anything useful. So, crop it away, leavig only the slightest gap to the left of the shoes.

Next, “if the image is about a church, I would think that we really need to see more of the church.” Well, at least you could make it bigger using the third of a frame that my previous suggestion bought you.

All things considered, my cropping-squares slice off the stuff to the left of the fencepost and basically leave the rest of it alone. I can see why you want the fencepost, the horseshoes, the title lettering, the tree, the sunrise, and the church to be as you have arranged them. I’d like to see the church carry as much weight in the composition as the fencepost now does.

Okay, one place where you might be able to grab a little bit of real-estate is by cropping along the bottom. Shift the lower wires up, perhaps, but it’s probably okay if you crop them so that the lower wires don’t reach the side margins as the upper wires do.

Now: "what an intriguing story! Tell me about this ‘church!’ :slight_smile:

For some reason the other side of the church roof is showing through. You can see an orange line in the roof indicating the other side of the roof.

I think I’m going to return to my original church instead of the new one.
Anyone have an idea on why everything looks so flat though?

Well, right now you don’t have any shadows which are a primary cue of depth. And the church itself doesn’t appear to be three-dimensional because the front wall is basically blank. You might consider putting a little sunlight across the lawn. Right now it seems that the church is some distance away from the fence, and it’s plausible that there would be “flatness.”

The first thing I’d do is to cause the details of the church to be more visible. (Yes, they’re there, but they’re “hazed out.”) For instance, how about a little paint-job? Paint the door. Paint the edge of the windows. Paint the guttering at the corner of the wall (thus creating a line that helps to show where the wall is). It can continue to be “a white church” without being a uniformly white church.

I’m not sure how I can add shadows.
I had to screw around with the AO quite a bit on the church to make it look less flat.

Opps, here’s the updated image.

Another update. I’d still like suggestions on how I can get the lighting better.
BTW, I’ve tried this in cycles and it looks too blown out.
Maybe this should be moved to Focused Critique?