green guy

hey everybody,

this is my first serious attempt to make a reasonably realistic face. You know realistic but still cartoony. Used no references whatsoever.
C & C please

here’s an update

Is that armpit hair? It’s really… bushy. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the last image you posted, it look like his right shoulder isn’t deforming quite right. As the arm moves up, the shoulder should too, but his is moving down.

I would also work on his ears more (if you’re going a green human). His ears make him look alien (if that’s what you’re going for then ignore the rest of this paragraph). For a human, the placement of the ears would be a bit lower, and the front part blends in with the head instead of ledging over it.

What are your plans for this character? It looks like you’re going to animate it, and I’d be interested to see that!

Keep it up!