Green jellybear, or something like it ...

Hi again, long time no posting or projecting etc etc.

So, this is my -very- recent work. I call it
“phear teh green bear for it will attack teh cube”
that because I am teh leet … I only wish that part was true, but the title stands!

And for the unrigged model:

C&C as always, as this is finished it means I’m not going to do anything with it unless it’s really worth doing.
Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Kjartan

I wouldn’t call this finished at all, the model could use some work. Not much detail in it at all, just a big green blob of a creature, doesn’t really resemble a bear. Now, if you wanted it to be like a gummy bear then I would have made it a softbody, given it transparentcy and kept the eyes the same color as the rest of the body. But that’s just my 2cents. 8)

It is just a green blob of a creature, that’s mainly the idea. I don’t want to have details as far as fingers,toes or other fiddly work. This was more like a project to bring me back on my feet with Blender.

I am planning on trying SSS on this model, to see how it works. And what’s this about softbodt? How do I use it on this model etc? I saw that movie from @ndy (I guess most of you have), but I don’t know how to use it in a model.

you can set how much a gravity setting will effect verts over time, so if you have your bear walking your ears could potentially flop with each step so could a jolly old belly, etc, just gives more life to the mesh.