green kind of coordinates at selected faces

I’am bizzy for Blender for 3 months now, but maby I hit a wrong button.
When I select faces (editmode) each face have 4 numbers like 1.07 1.05 written in green.
I want them away, from a distance the whole model is green.

green stuff ?

this is a group so i guess you avhe to ungroup to get rid of group
and it should come back to normal after that !

hope it helps

Sounds a bit like as you turned on the Face Aerea button.
Switch in edit mode press F9 and check in Mesh Tools more tab the Face Aerea button.

Actually, from the sound of it, you have ‘edge length’ turned on, although the same rules apply for turning it off.

Ah it was Mesh Tools More > Face Area button, thanks verry much