Green lines showing up messing up workflow

When i move mouse over any object , green lines appear
on screen. IS There any possibilites to fix this on blender?

Show us what these ‘green lines’ look like.
What version of blender
What graphics card
Are the drivers up to date etc etc

Im using blender 2.79 i have Amd Radeon R7 260M (Bad)
Graphics Card. Ive never bothered to look that are My drivers upto date cause it seems like it updates it automaticly , cause everytime it updates it crashes xD .
I dont know really much about other drivers .

I have Amd R7 260M (very old gpu)

I couldnt share The picture that shows The lines
Do you recommend alternative method of sharing The picture

I have Amd Radeon R7 260M (old gpu)

And i couldnt share The picture For somereason on this Forum , Do you recommend an alternative method?