Green Loft - Living Room

Here’s my another interior design. The goal was to create a loft living room but since I didn’t want it to look 100% industrial I softened it a little bit with plants and fabric. Rendered in Cycles with 1000 samples + Denoising. Post-pro in Photoshop.

Link to the project on Artstation:

Hope you’ll like it! I’d also really appreciate some feedback and constructive criticism!


Another shot due to the maximum of 3 images per post:

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This is really beautefull!

Great style, lightning, style, detail… 5*

Thank you. I’m glad you like it. In a few days I should be able to render another image with different lighting. I hope it will be at least as good as those!

very nice work, congrats!

Nice work…

On a preview it was like a cute plant that well made. I clicked on it. BUM!!! REALIZAM! OMG

This is amazing! However, why the curtains are so tall that they are way beyond touching the floor. I would replace the brick wall with a plain white wall and see how it goes.

I adore the tiny lemon tree! It speaks a lot about who may live in that house and adds a lot of personality. And is a really interesting idea.

I don’t typically comment on the gallery images, but I just wanted to say that I love your art here. It’s not only perfectly created, but it’s also amazingly artistic. I love it! Really love the depth of field.

I gotta ask, in the shot with the deer sculpture, it looks like the bokeh pattern actually contains some barrel distortion and color fringing. I’m guessing the fringing might be post-pro, but is there some method I don’t know to get cool bokeh shapes like that??

Really lovely work!

Wow, very nice

Thank you all for your opinions. I’m really glad you like it!

I will make a tutorial on how to make bokeh look like that (or even better) soon, but your way of thinking is more or less correct.

WOW!!! I can only hope to get to this level someday!! Fantastic!

I must say this is spectacular, and your bokeh is better than anything I’ve seen before. I have a technique where you place a transparent image in front of the camera to get better looking bokeh but this looks different again and I can’t work it out! How are you making the blue fringing on the bokeh?? It must be in-engine but I can’t think of how. Either way it is spectacular and I can’t wait for a tutorial on the bokeh.

That’s a gorgeous piece. Nice work. I like the addition of the lemon tree and plants. Nice touch.

Really great renders! I think the only tiny thing is that the lemon tree doesn’t feel quite right. The leaves and bark could use some more material tweaking, feels more like a fake tree. Maybe the brick wall feels a bit soft feeling, so maybe add some harder edges to the displacement? Otherwise 10/10 render, really dig it. Especially like the little plant on the table.

Thank you all for your comments. I’m delighted to know that you enjoy my work!

On second thought, I see your point regarding the lemon tree. I think i gave it too little roughness so it looks very shiny. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I could do to adjust the wall since it was an image texture. I don’t think that increasing the details on it (micropoligon displacement was used with adaptive subdivision) would do anything good for the render as it would certainly increase the memory usage and render time.

I love the low poly deer, it’s a really nice touch to this 3D environment which looks like reality!