Green outline, how to get it off

I was modeling and then some kind of weird green outline got on my model and I don’t know how to get it off.
What is it?

Green outline means you’ve added it to a group. Check your object properties tab. Also check physics to make sure you haven’t made it a Rigid Body object, which adds it to a group as sort of a side-effect.

ahh so thats why the rigid bodies have the same outline as groups! i thought that maybe someone hadn’t thought out the colours properly :o

Specifically, they are added to the group “RigidBodyWorld.” I wonder what happens if I make another group and change which group the Rigid Body World uses. Probably breaks something important…

Thanks!! I went to Rigid Body Tools and clicked remove. Getting the hang of this

Ah! I’d been wondering about that. I guess it’s an accidental Ctrl+g keypress. Ctrl+alt+g removes it from the group.