Green Portapotty, yes, really.

I made this from pictures from a Portapotty that is by our house, in a baseball field. So, today, when I was playing basketball, I said to myself “Hmmm, I should try to make that in blender.” So I pulled out my camera, snapped three pcitures, imported it into paint shop pro, edited it, and modeled it.

Yep. I made this, and I’m gonna release it for free, once I get some advice on it.


Slapp some doo doo slappters on the doors…maybe some toilet paper sticking out from the door…and CALL THIS DONE!!
Thanks for sharing!

can we get a .blend?

I was thinking of an inside, but I’m not gonna have “doo doo” all over the place LOL.

Should I tackle the inside?

Forget that question, here it is!


Can i get the .blend? or no? if not its cool

the inside looks good!

I will give the blend, yes, once I totally finish it.