Green screen issues with shadows etc.

Comping green screen material but can get it to work properly.
First I can’t get rid of the shadows at the feet, they get very hard and dark, and I get some spill in narrow areas like between legs and arms/body.
I play with the keyer controls but as I get to extreme, which is needed to get rid of these areas, other parts gets transparent artifacts, like white shirts see through… The spill is also hard to get at with erode/feather as it erodes more on other places, where I don want it.

All tutorials I find is basically the same; “this is how you setup green screen, then play with the controls”… Is there any more indepth tutorials on Blender green screen comp?

Some quick tips:

  • you rarely get a good key for whole image at once. Work in sections and combine the mattes;
  • use a combination of edge (main, detailed matte), core (inner solid fill to remove holes) and garbage matte (outer matte to remove all garbage outside your subject);
  • never use erode/feather on edge matte, only for core and garbage.

I highly recommend the Advanced Keying Breakdown series by Tony Lyons. It is based on Nuke, but as the logic is the same, you can translate it to Blender after you understand what must be done:

Thanks for the tutorial referral!

Thank you! Just what I was looking for!