Green Tara

I made this piece for a buddhist client. The goddess was modeled and posed in Blender, while texturing and background were done in GIMP, compositing also in Blender.
Hope you like it.


pretty neat, although I don’t care for the fake canvas texture.

very nice work. Congratulations. Maybe some variance in clouds would be nice, they seem to repeat a lot.

Gorgeous! :yes:

Thanks, about the fake canvas, you know how it is when you work for a client ;).

You are totally right, variation on the clouds would add to this image. Thanks!

Thanks, I´m glad you like it.


very cool 3d illustration!!
and very nice topology of model, congratulations!!

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Good evening.

I would like to ask a question to the artist the manufactured this marvellous Tara project.

Is there any possibility, method to convert such file into a 3D file for a 3D printer?
I am interested in print such file to have a green tara statue in my home.

Is it possible?

May I have an answer about this question?

Thank You very much.

By doing so I would like
to give You my
Best regards.


You’re #featured! :tada:

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Old post but still, the image is well balanced and color palette fits really well. Good work. I miss blender 2.67…

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Hey! This is an old one , haha, it’s actually mine, I posted it from an old account I had a long time ago. I’m glad it has been discovered after all these years. It is actually an “animated piece” I made it to be framed and hanging on a wall, as a “moving” picture. I’ll post the video later. Thanks for the #featured @bartv.

@nicolo.zago I guess it’s possible, it would take me some time to get the file ready though.


Thanks! :blush:

Oh wow, we had missed it was this old :joy: Still, a great image!


Thanks @bartv!

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Thank You for Your answer Mauricio.

Yes, I could be interested also in seeing the moving picture.

How much time would it takes to be converted in such kind of file useable
for a print with a 3D printer?
eventually how much would it costs?

It is anyway a Really nice model of Tara. I really like it.
I did not know it was that an old post. But I’m happy You feels rewarded by that.
It is really well made.

For the moment, I thank You for Your answer.

Thank You for the attention.

By doing so I would like
to give You my
Best regards.

Nicolò Zago