green woods

I dont know the poly count but it must have been pretty high with all those particle instances
finished up the background, added some pine trees, and changed up a lot of other stuff
changed the lighting and other stuff

damn, this is… great. Very convincing. At this resolution, nothing occurs to me to criticize. I’d like to see a higher resolution so I can criticize something, but until then… 5*, gallery, done deal IMO.

e: for the record, called it! XD

thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

higher resolution could take a while. It takes about an hour to get a good fizzless cycles render and I need to get to bed asap, way too sleepy. I’ll try to get a better render later on

Wow, very nice, this blows my own nature scene right out of the water. My only crit would be on the handrail and perhaps the rocks at the bottom but that’s about it. Did you use an image plane for the trees in the back, or is it 100% Blender? I really love how it feels so natural, and cycles is the best at nature that I have seen so far. Do you have a higher res version?

5*'s from me. Totally gallery.

run it overnight!!

Anyway, yeah, good stuff.

haha I dont know if I could, it seems like a waste to me. I feel guilty leaving my pc on when I’m not using it for longer than 20 minutes.

I will render something better soon though. just need my beauty sleep

oh and Im not using alpha transperancies in this render, John.

I will get to work on the things you mentioned tommorow and rerender

glad you like it!

its superb :slight_smile:

great work :wink:

Can I see another camera angle directly from 3D view (I don’t mind the noise)? Because what I see here is just a bunch of ugly models with textures that are map from camera view according to the photography you used. It doesn’t require any 3D skills to achieve such result, proove me I’m wrong, show me something here like wireframe of plants, ground models… You have 2 lamps on the scene that should produce really big noise - my guess there’s no light here at all because everything was already on the photo you used (look at shadow direction and location of the lamps).

This is amazing, very realistic.

I knew something seemed a bit “off”!

The scene looks very realistic from a “looking” POV, but not from the production POV.

I dunno, but I am with you Rozmiarek, it all seems a tad dodgy…

I would love to see some wire frames and another camera view as well…

Strenght of the spot 650000? And if done with cycles

It takes about an hour to get a good fizzless cycles render
there is spot size option? something strange…but really good work if the foreground until the end of bridge is cg and textures are not mapped as rozmiarek said!

I’m wondering on this one too…if I had to guess I would say there are probably elements of both projection texturing and some hand modeling and textureing as well. It seems like maybe the trees and background are mostly projection textured but the bridge, rocks, small plants and ferns look like they may be modeled. The shadows are just all messed up and confusing the scene probably because of the combination between projection texturing actual modeled objects:) I would like to see another angle as well or a wire frame more that what you have shown above. It a cool scene…even cooler if there is no fishy stuff going on hehe:)

Happy Blending!

there seem to be a lot of assertions here.

theres a spotlight out of view making those shadows. I needed some more lighting contrast in the pic and thought it would look nice if the front was more visible


look at these renders

Its cycles. it takes a lot of power on the spotlamp for a decent amount of light to hit the forest floor. I was suprised too that there was already a spotsize setting.

The trees are real geometry generated with particles and blender sapling generator.

there arent any projected texture references in that scene

Thanks for some of the perspective. I think I still have some more work to do here and there. will post back with an update soon

Cool thanks! I got to say I am impressed. Especially with the forest floor.

sure no problem. Glad you like it:)

This is truly outstanding, that’s why it’s hard to believe. Congratulations, your skills are inspiring.

Obviously you prooved I was wrong, I apologize for my suspicions and congatulations, you made a really nice scene here (although the image from the first post suggested faking). Great work with those instances, ground and plants look like photography indeed. 5 stars from me!

Thank you for images reply, again really good job! I was wondering about the spot size in cycles, it’s becouse of a newer build that official 2.63a? With that says: not supported, interpreted as point lamp.