i have no idea what to say…
…the number of polys is astronomical, and Blender
crushes when i try to add more stuff, thats it.

C&C ecc.


I think it’s pretty good. But what is it?

hum… that´s greenn… and… hum… what´s that? heheh
anyway, it´s very good…

I must say the modelling is extremely good. highly detailed. its phenomenol! Anyways, maybe you could show some signs of those fans being used or the pipe-things moving or having stuff flow throug them or something.

Oh yes and nice touch with the skulls under the pipes, very well modeled as well.

Looks very nice, grats :smiley:

Oh, and if you want to add more stuff – you could render it in RGBA, then, keeping the materials, erase some/all of the meshes, add new ones, then photoshop it all together…

But still, it’s pretty awesome the way it is now :wink:

That’s amazing, how did you do the pipes?
BTW !Rocky is right. Cutting it in parts is a good way to do huge scenes.

Also, try using ALT+D instead of SHIFT+D when you duplicate the fans. If you havent already done that, it might help to optimise the scene by only storing the data once.

It looks modern/mechanicalish, and ancient and natural at the same time.


ohhh very nice, its mechanical but it feels like it could be a beautiful forest of just this or a lot of green trees/plants etc around it.

Really has possibilities!

maybe to save your PC, could add some stuff in and layer it together =)

Very very nice!


i’ve modeled and textured one segment and than used DupliFrames on a curve.
Thanks everybody for the feedback and advices.
and BTW modelling a skull is pretty hard, i’ve made 3 of them, but only this one was good enough.

This is really cool. It kind of ends abruptly though, if you can’t add more duplications to make a vanashing point, perhaps you could add a green mist of some sort. Even better, you could place mirrors reflecting eachother at both ends of the path into infinity.