Greenish Living Room

Hello there.
This is an architectural visualization work.
Modelled in Blender but I’ve used some ready-to-use models. Renderer in V-Ray and post-production in Photoshop.
I’d like to hear about the overall photorealism and some tips on improving it.

Thank you.

Who would have so many lights on at once? Lcouch?he first things that come to mind are…

A) The white pillows on the couch…look very stiff. wouldn’t they be more relaxed and forming to the couch?

B) Something doesnt look right with the fireplace…can’t pinpoint it yet but it is strange to me…

C) The box on the ottoman would compress the cushions slightly correct?

D) The blinds are open. Now there are a few issues with this…there is no light coming in from what appears to be a bright day and there is no color to the sky.

E) what is the random green speck under the couch? And the other random yellow speck where the walls and ceiling meet in the corner?

Thank you very much for your critics.

A) Yeah, the pillows could use some work.

B) I don’t know, it looks correct to me, at least it is coherent with the real stuff.

C) That would add some realism of course, but I think it could pass because depending on the contents of the box it wouldn’t compress the cushions noticeably.

D) In fact there is lighting coming from outside as you can notice on the plant and the center table, however, you’re correct that the curtain looks strangely dark, I certainly could add some bloom-ish effect for increased realism.

E) Those random bright spots are from the flare effect. It’s not obvious so it would certainly be better to not have these specific spots. They look light leak or something.

I would like to hear about the general composition also.

Thank you.

I’m not good with composition myself so I can’t really critique that. If V-ray is capable of volumetric lighting you might look into doing that for that light coming in the windows. Just a hint of it though. Also you might consider turning off all the lights…I mean really who has that many lights on in the middle of the day?

Yep, V-ray is capable but it isn’t an effect you want in an architectural visualization; it can be interpreted as smoke/dust or something. The lights on are also a requirement, as well as no background. If it were solely for artistic purposes I surely would add volumetric lighting and disable the artificial ones.
Thank you loonatik503.

I think it looks great, even with all the lights turned on. Volumetric light coming through the windows would look ridiculous. All of the lights in the ceiling are going to cancel out most light coming in through the windows anyway. I would have added some trim to separate the ceiling from the walls, but I think you did a great job overall, well done! :smiley:

Obviously you don’t have kids…

Place57…I do have kids. I have 2 and they most generally turn them off upon leaving a room. I have to remind them on occasion. Volumetric light would not look rediculous it would be natural. But this isn’t a pissing match it was just my input. And as far as the volumetric giving the sense that there is dust/smoke. I don’t care who you are or where you live there is dust in your home. I’m not saying the image doesn’t look good as it is but this is the focused critique section and that is what I was giving. Issues I saw in the scene.

Now what rules state not to use volumetric lighting, no exterior background, and all the lights have to be on in the house?

The unwritten rule of “overkill” as far as the VL.

Looks great. But there’s something odd about the inside of the fireplace. But other than that the shading and lighting is great.

if the ceiling is white you need to color correct in post,or adjust the woodfloor material (use vray gi mat).and maybe adjust pillow material to avoid overexposure.change rug to match rest of style.use better paintings.

Firstly the image is too Bright. Possible reasons include using vray sky texture and not using the vray physical camera. Also the there is a lot of contrast in the image try reinhard with an intermediate value like.4 or so in the color mapping.

Secondly the shadows on the wall look a little blotchy. Maybe decreasing the noise threshold in the dmc sampler would help.

There are some overbright areas in the image that give a value of more than 1 in the colors. This problem in vray could be fixed by using sub pixel mapping and clamp output in the color mapping panel.That all what I think .Good job with modelling as modelling a complete interior is a lot of work.

I think I might know what’s up with the fireplace, you kind of look like you’re trying to use backless couch thing as firewood. Sorry for my lack of experience with interior design, that’s just what it looks like to me.