greenscreen test...yeah...YASP time again...

I finally decided to update my old chromakey-hsv plugin just to give bob’s nodes some healthy competition and got frustrated because I just couldn’t get it to work as well as I wanted it to

After I finished pounding the keyboard with my forehead for a while, I noticed that I had deleted large portions of the code in the editor and added other chunks of seemingly random text. I decided to compile it anyway and surprise! it not only compiled but it worked decent too :eek:

So here are some images from simple tests of my new greenscreen plugin on CoreyAvitar’s greenscreen video…

hardwater.mp4 (2.1 meg)

The greenscreen page is under construction will include a full tutorial soon…


yea! keep bangin that computer pappy!

Seamless! Any chance of a Windows dll?


I asked at blendercoders and blenderechat with no response…
Hopefully one of the windows(or mac) users out there who:

  • actually knows how to compile a plugin (very few)
  • has enough interest in this plugin (even fewer)
  • is willing to waste the time ( fewer yet )will send me a win or mac version so I can post it on the page …

usually, someone is nice enough to post a .dll so yeah, there is a good chance you will see one…and I am not sure if it’s just hard to compile for the mac or no mac users like my plugins because I can only remember 1 time I got a mac .so( it was an early version of chromakey-hsv BTW) for any of my plugins.

ho hoo! lookin’ really good! I’m proud to be part of such a cool thing. (I’m the crouching guy :))

you are more a part of this than you know…Your vid is the one that was frustraiting me the most as I was working the old chromakey plugin update…

BTW: thank you very much for putting that vid out there for people like me to play with :yes:

I’m working on a few plugins right now and since I work primarily on the Mac, I could probably compile a Mac version for you.

Well, I had a go at compiling it…

C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\plugins\sequence\greenscreen>…\lcc
bin\lcc -I"c:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\plugins\include" greenscr

C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\plugins\sequence\greenscreen>…\lcc
bin\lcclnk -DLL -nounderscores greenscreen.obj “c:\Program Files\Blender Foundat
greenscreen.obj .text: undefined reference to ‘__imp__mallocN’
greenscreen.obj .text: undefined reference to ‘__imp__freeN’

The resulting dll file crashed blender when I tried to use it. :frowning:

I’ll bash my head on the keyboard a bit and see if that helps.


sarah: thank you for the nice offer… I am looking forward to feedback from both you and other mac users - you can either post it here or just email it to me via gmail and I will post it on the greenscreen page with credit to you. Personally, I would like to hear more about what you are developing…

pxegeek: It takes a bit more to compile a dll for windows now and I can’t remember where the new instructions for compiling a dll are…you have to pre-compile a lib to access those functions. It’s late now but I will try to find the info for you tomorrow.

I’ve been googling a while, but without much luck. (Doesn’t help that I’m not quite sure what I’m looking for.) None of the sequence documentation seems to have been updated recently. :frowning:

I fixed a couple of bugs, made a few changes to the layout of the buttons, and added the option to select a different background color. I also added alot to the greenscreen page…

pxegeek: I finally found this:
All of the devs have been concentraiting on the new release now but maybe in a day or 2 I can get a better explanation of what to do…

pxegeek: I found a great page for compiling dlls for windows! :D… the only problem is that it is for visual c++ and I see that you are using lcc :eek:…any chance you want to go through the hassle of installing msvc? Maybe I can try to decipher what she is doing and try to remember enough of lcc ( I used it when I was on windows ) to get a working dll…

Where’s this site, paprmh? I have visual c++ express edition, so I could give it a try if you like.

EDIT: Oh, but bear in mind that I haven’t yet really used it… sometime when I have less work!

Lil update - I’ve put the chromakey-hsv-2.43.c file in <blenderCVS>\blender\source\blender\blenpluginapi. In the VC++ project, I’ve added all the files from this location. Then when I RMB->compile on chromakey-hsv-2.43.c, it works… sorta! It succeeds but with plenty of warnings, which I’m not sure how serious they are.
<removed for forum formatting>
Lovely long block of warnings. However, there doesn’t seem to be any output .dll at this point, perhaps understandably. If I attempt RMB->Build on the project, it fails with the following messages:
<removed for forum formatting>
I dare say I’m going about it all the wrong way anyway, but never mind…

dang it… I thought I put the link in the last message…:o sorry about that…

indigomonkey: Her guide looks pretty complete and shows the lib you have to precompile first…but it appears that she uses the command line to do it, not the gui. As I said, I always used lcc for seq plugins when I was in windows. I have no idea how msvc works so I can’t help you much as far as using it but at least I can help a bit with the warnings and errors…

I am not sure what the redefs are about but the warnings can be ignored… most are showing that I declared some variables and then didn’t use them (actually I took the code out that used them and forgot to remove the variables ) and that doesn’t matter.

the errors in the the build are from not having the lib I mentioned precompiled…seems to me that the project file should do it automatically though…but like I said, I have never even used msvc so I don’t know for sure.

EDIT: I believe the source file should go into the plugins/sequence folder…not sure how win folders are set up but in linux it’s blender/install/linux2/plugins/sequence.

Yep, that’s what I thought. But following that link worked like a dream! You do need to enable VC++ command line though, so go here to get that working. Apart from that it was fine! I shall find somewhere to upload it where they actually take .dlls, and post the link here.

EDIT: Success! The dll can be found here. Well, that was exciting, my first C++ dll. OK, so I didn’t actually WRITE it myself… :stuck_out_tongue:

:cool: that’s great! thank you very much. I will post it in the chromakey thread…any chance you could compile greenscreen for me too? :eyebrowlift2: (did you notice that you were in the wrong thread?)

BTW: you can also just email the file to me at gmail if you don’t want to bother with savefile…

Whoops! I somehow merged them into one entity in my head! Yep, the greenscreen can be found here.

Edit - sorry, posted it at savefile before I saw your edit!

thanks again indigomonkey! It’s now posted on the greenscreen page.:cool:

heh heh heh…once you start compiling blender stuff it gets addicting… The biggest rush is when you successfully compile blender for the first time :smiley:

now I wait to see if anyone else is able to get good results with it…:confused:

Well, I’m working on some texture plugins, so I’d like to know how to compile plugins on as many platforms as I have the hardware and patience for… :slight_smile:

I’m interested in the greenscreen because I’m interested in trying to combine some live action puppetry with some blender stuff. But the puppet’s not done either, and I don’t have any greenscreen yet either. So it might be a little while before I get that far!