Greenscreen using a Lacrosse Field.

There is a little bit of lateral thinking, behind this. I needed a long shot, of the type you see here, but there is not enough room in a small flat! this will work anywhere that there is a green lawn, it was filmed from the top of a bank, so that the green fills as much of the screen as possible. But it can also be done at ground level if the bank is high enough. This was done on a Lacrosse field, but I am sure that cricket, football, or rugby fields would be equally suitable.

The greenscreen was produced in Blender, after following this excellent tutorial,

It proved easier than I expected, and the most difficult part was adding the shadow, which was done frame by frame in photoshop.

Um why not add the shadow in the compositor? Great idea with the green field, reminds me of the sports shows that key graphics into blue pool lanes or green grassy horse races etc. your lighting also worked in your favour, the silhouette looks great.

Is there a way of doing that, I am still relatively new to this, so there are gaps in my knowledge.:o It would certainly make my life easier.

Pretty clever, Carel. The sky makes a pretty good blue screen as well.

reminds me of the sports shows that key graphics into blue pool lanes or green grassy horse races etc

They do the same type of thing here with American football. It works well on artificial turf where the color is very uniform. But sometimes on natural grass there’s enough color variation and dirt patches to interfere with it.

Steve S

Yes the horse tracks are very lush and green to protect the million dollar ponies :wink:

you can fake a shadow by using the key shape from the source and distorting it so that the head is Laying down on its side. The hard part is the lack of a shear type node. I have faked it with a ramp instead but that can be frustrating to get right. Another way would be to apply it to a textured plane and reshoot the distortion in 3d view.

Please avoid details, a few quads can serve well.