Greeny Lounge


I made this image to see how far we can push Blender in archviz. I see a lot of projects made with Corona. So I would like to show at industry what Blender are capable in this field of application.

I think i’m done. Now I need your help to know if this image is really finish.

Thank you for feedback and critics.

Best regards


EDIT : I use only Blender, that’s the idea


Its looks done but something is missing… :thinking:

Thank you!

I share your feeling. I try to give more color in the scene.

I hope that’s better like this. What do you think?

Best regards



Know this is awesome good job…

Like so much this one! Great job and lighting

I really like this and prefer the green wall. Would you say it’s the way you light the image that gives it the most realism?