Greetings All

I’m gone for 2 weeks and OH NOOOO!!!

At least the Community is still staying active. I had just started to organize tutorials and download them. I haven’t had a chance to do the Community Journals yet. I have most of the tutorials printed from the NaN site and other’s that I found. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the .blend files.

Does anyone have CDs of the old CJs? or have them available for download?

On the good side, my wife is finishing some editing on a book request for an agent. It is a Romance novel, but the woman is a web designer and uses Blender! If it is published, I’ll let everyone know. A friend is trying to tell my wife that no web designer would use Blender, she would use Flash instead.


yeah… i’d be interested in a collection of old cj’s as well! :slight_smile:

pleeaasse… someone HAS to have this!

keep blending,