Greetings, bugs, and requests here

Glad to see the site back online. Glad to see new owners too. Yeah dude was great and all that, but was pretty much absent most of the time as well. Hopefully you guys will take the site to a new level with professional upkeep, upgrades, and thread moderation. BA forums is the biggest ambassador of Blender IMO and should be the best it can be.

I liked the wide format better but this is OK. Big images will break it tho, and folks like to post big images here I think.

I have 1 bug complaint and a request which was ignored last time the site was re-done.

The search results pages have the bottom chopped off of the subject line, posted by, and the forum links text in IE8 when accessibility set to manual (so I can select text size). No problem when set to website font size but that is very small on a 1920x1200 monitor. Pure heck on the ol’ eyeballs either way now (itty-bitty or chopped text).

The “New posts” search link is the best way not to miss new info here so I use it every visit.

The request is to have a user setting option for more “Number of Posts to Show Per Page” which I think affects the search result pages as well (does it? I could be wrong). The only option is 20 posts per page which is same as site default. Again this is about doing new post searches… in one day that search can generate 20 pages of results at 20 lines per page. One has to open them all or the search will reset before you can scan the pages one at a time (or it used to).

Oh, I just thought of another request. Would it be good to have a separate forum for rigging? Just a thought. Rigging support and info gets posted in the Animation support forum and donated rigs are posted in the finished artwork forum. Hopefully you guys will get around to the sections and forums. They have been the same for years now.

Thanks for reading this and sorry about being a pain-in-the-buttocks already… although you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! I hope you guys know what you got yourself into here. You’ve got your work cut out for you no doubt. This place is a bit wild at times. Like trying to herd cats… angry demanding crazy cats with flames shooting out their eyes. :slight_smile:

Good luck, and thanks again.

if you use Firefox you could use plugins like re-pagination or page-zipper to glue multiple search pages together :wink:

Yeah I expected that. IE8 is my preference for various reasons. Setting up an addon and switching to FF for one site while doing my rounds is inconvenient.

More user prefs here besides 20 posts per page would be better, and probably just a matter of enabling more options.

Thanks for the reply / bump.

Hey Larry,

Great to meet you and thank you for the message. We are jazzed to be here and hopefully help out a bit. :slight_smile:

I have been actually looking at this post and trying to repo what you were mentioning. Would you be able to shoot me a screen shot to [email protected] on what you are seeing in IE8. I am playing around with it, but sometimes a screen shot will tell me exactly what I need to dive into.

Thanks Larry and talk more soon.



OK I sent you some shots. I hope it’s an easy fix for ya. I think I mentioned in the email that this issue just started after the outage.

Hey thanks for looking into this. I’m not used to super-service here.

Now I feel guilty for some odd reason. :confused:


Your welcome and screen-shots helped out greatly! Give me a few days to dig into a few things and I will shoot you a note back. Thanks again for the time and have a great week.


So I’m laying here almost asleep, thinking about this issue, and ZOOM pops into my head. There’s a zoom feature in IE8. With this narrow site format and widescreen monitors it works just fine (no side scrolling). Most sites I visit use a narrow format. So I should stop the accessibility setting workaround, set it to use website’s font size, and use the flamin’ zoom button that’s been sitting here under my nose the whole time.

So the CSS prob in search results is even less of an issue to me than I thought it was… a non-issue even… as long as BA keeps the narrow format it has now.

I’d still like a higher posts per page user pref here tho. That would be great. :slight_smile:


Funny how those are the moments when solutions/ideas come to us. I have numerous times when and I idea popped in my head while… wait :wink:

I am still going poke around for the CSS thing and for the time being increased post page to 35. We are working to get a handle on the computer cycle load the site takes on the servers right now, so I wanted to see what a slight increase would do to it. :wink:

Catch you around.


I’m still seeing 20 posts per page… but a global setting isn’t what I was on about. I’ve been on about this in the user general settings page (see image). You should be able to easily enable more options there (I don’t know I’ve never built a vBulletin site). It may not cause too much larger load since most folks will probably leave it at default.

Anyway thanks for your time. I’ll stop being a PITA now.

Hey my girlfriend was laughing at me sweatin’ a load over my thread here at 3 in the morning. I told her there’s one thing I know after 20 years and that is computers have a great knack for making me look like a fool… no matter how much I try to cover my butt. I don’t mind wasting my own time but I sure hate wasting other people’s time.



Ah, now I see the 35 posts per page adjustment you made when I click into a forum (not a search result). Yeah that will cause bigger hits on the server.

Again, I’m on about the new posts links which generate a search result. If there’s 15 or 20 pages or more the search will reset (and only show posts posted since I arrived that visit) before I can click and scan them all one at a time. So what I do is click new posts, then open every result page, then scan for threads I want to open. It only takes a day or two before the page count is in the 20’s or 30’s or more at 20 posts per page. That’s alot of pages to click open all at once.

To anyone watching and wondering what the big deal is: You will often find important new info, links, tips, info and discussions w/ devs, even new bug fixes and patch info here. These posts are often buried in large threads in wrong forums with subject lines that have nothing to do with the valuable info posted. The only way to be sure your not missing anything here is to use the new posts since last visit link or the “What’s new” link which has recently appeared.


Bah! Too many zoom adjustments needed for the other sites I visit. Going back to the “ignore website font size” so I can control font size.


Thanks Larry - I will look into the default and thank you again for the screen shots. Super helpful in explaining things. :wink: I have a meeting tomorrow with our guy behind the code guy. :wink: and will bring up the Accessibility thing again and see what we can do.

Thanks for keeping at it and talk more shortly.