Greetings creator, need feedback on a model for my proyect.

greetings friends I need some feedback on design and quality of my current work.


The quality seems fine. I just wonder why they show signs of wear (dinged metal and damaged lettering) mixed with a newly manufactured look?

They are lightly used grenades.
But that is about the amount of wear-and-tear I would expect to see on them if they were being carried around in the field.

well in the board game its supposed to be graned you loot from enemies. so I thought some wear was necesary as they are not just brand new grenades.

They look really good to me. I dont know what kind of use you expect from them, but I, as my own opinion, I would add some colored logos to them, to generate interest. Like orange or yellow logos.

As they stand now, they look cool for a militar magazine.
If you want main audience, interest colors are the way.

Either way, cool work. This has great quality.