Greetings to all

Didn’t find any introduction areas so I’ll post here if that is correct, if not I do apologize. :slight_smile:

Anyway, Greetings everyone, I’m new to blenderartists but old to Blender. :smiley: Good to see there is a quite fairly big community for this amazing tool. So on to it, Greetings everyone.

I’ve been looking at a lot of the work in the galleries as well as on the W.I.P. section, and I must say, there is really a lot of people here with great talents and expertise. :slight_smile:

I’m currently a game developer, I’ve worked for quite a few open source game projects in the past, creating models, animation, rigging etc. I love game dev and for the fact that blender has a game engine is even better.

I’ve got about 11 year’s experience in the 3D world, and about 3-4 years experience in the brilliant blender 3D. :smiley: I have yet still a lot to learn from various things, one for instance being lighting. :stuck_out_tongue: Any how, in the last 2 years I’ve gained the option of being able to ask for help from way more advanced users of blender than I am in the world. :smiley:

Most of what I’ve done in the past came from own experience, (all of my work in my portfolio) so I might be able to help a few if the need arises, and I’ll be more than happy to help blender users, (if I can). I’ve started 3D quite a long time back with a program called Gmax, at that time it was awesome, now? Blender is way better. :smiley:

If anyone would like to see some of my work, ask me and I’ll direct you to my Deviantart page, where you can find most of my work. All the 3D on it was done and rendered in Blender. I’m a utter Blender 3D nerd! :smiley:

I’ve recently, secretly started a game project in blender 3D, I’ve been working with 2.49b, as I’m still getting to grips with the UI in 2.57b. I’ll post some images once a demo is ready.

So to all, greetings, I’m Xelus, A.K.A, AlphaPrimeSaviour, A.K.A XelusPrime, A.K.A, Ettienne Vorster. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regards and good Blending to all!

Hello Xelus! Welcome to BA!:smiley:

Welcome here!

Thank you ^^

Hello! And welcome to the Blender foundations Blender artists forums.