Hello Blender (or other modeling) peers! My name is Merril and I am a 3D modeling student (obviously), I am new (NOOB as some of you would say) to and to forums in general… so yeah.

I joined to learn, share, and connect with people who share my similar interests. I am currently a student learning modeling, I am now in my second semester. I am a super giant fan of Blender, but as of this moment my primary study program is Autodesk Maya (student version).

I am primarily interested in Blender Game Engine, but I also have interest in making films and 2D rendered art. As a disclaimer about myself, I have Attention Deficit Disorder so if it SOUNDS like I don’t know what I am talking about, please ask me so I can explain myself better; I get words mixed up very easily. Um, basically I am excited to join, hope to learn a lot from everyone; and I really hope to help others with the knowledge I gain in the future.

Below is a pic of my final from my first semester, I made this using Autodesk Maya Student Edition, I call it Logi; named after the God of fire. :cool:

It’s not finished yet, but here is a taste of my Modeling 2 project. Enjoy! :cool:

This is my modeling project made with birail tools, and nurbs :slight_smile:

And this is my head unit for a robot based character I am making for animation 2, enjoy :slight_smile:

Welcome ! :slight_smile: nice to see someone diving in :wink: ; very interesting models ! there is loads to do on the BA website ! see you around :wink: