Greg Magic (hopeless name) - New movie ;)

Lately I’m playing with special effects and there are my first fruits :wink:
Nothing special, but I’m still improve
Greg The Sorcerer

i actually found this rather entertaining :slight_smile: for the sorcery one, you can see your hands reflected on the table… adding the tetrahedron’s reflection would really sell the effect! it’d be funny to see someone do a short of a ‘holodeck’ blender session… ie the concept in this video extended to speedmodelling or creating an entire scene!

That’s hilarious. What did you use for compositing? The hand passing in front of the model must have been something more than a simple alpha over effect.

Very good, hehehe! And did I hear techno Enya in there? :wink: Genius.
As has been said, adding that reflection would really add to the realism, for the finishing touches.
Otherwise, possibly a slightly more detailed tracking of your hand would be good, but it was great!

I have tried, but cannot figure out how to do the blender stuff passing behind the video, can someone please explain? Thanks.

The hologram one was awesome, exept for one slight part where your hand shook and the hologram circle went on your fingers…

Nice work!!! 9.5768/10

StrikerMunc: It’s often done by putting a plane (or whatever shape you need) in the right place, and giving it alpha 0 but leaving ZTransp and RayTransp turned off, so that the environment shows through.

Thx for comments :slight_smile:
Yes, shape reflection on the table sounds good. I’ll use it in the next movie :slight_smile:
I was using only Blender for compositing, so (as you know) it’s a very powerful machine :wink:
Hand passing in front effect was made by 2 ways. In Sorcerer I’ve done it manually using animated plane as xatron said. But in Hologram I was trying to automatize it and it was done by play with CalcAlpha, etc.

Ha ha congrats, keep the magician stuff :smiley:

I know it isn’t a real Matrix but be sure - There’s no spoon :wink:
Download it.

nice, but I like the other ones better. I would suggest tracking your hands, which do shake a little, and make the spoon follow it, as right now it remains perfectly still. It also seems a bit out of place in that it seems better quality than the camera, but still an awesome job…

sweet :o .

nice work Greg_pl.

i love the matrix one. lol :smiley:

I’m glad you like it :wink:
Tracking is the worst (for me) thing in making this type of animations, especially when you have a 176x144px movie from webcam to work on. Time to look for a “real” camera and make more “professional” things. But we should like what we have :expressionless:

Those movies are great, simple but really cool. How did you get that hologram like, when you move your hand in front of it, it isn’t in front of your hand?

Someone told me you just model the shape of your hand and put that in front and make it not shaded or something. What exactly did yo used for it? I’ve tried a few times to do something like that, but never got it look nice. :frowning:

Those vids were awesome. Wish i could do that. Would be so cool to use CGI in the film i have to make on my film module. mini tut. hint hint.