Gregorian Paisley

Having fun with motion graphics and paisley patters. Wish my tie could do this. Sound animated thanks to Animation Nodes.

Comments welcome.


That looks great. How long did it take for you to make it?

Took me a couple of days, off and on. I created the basic paisley pattern, then created a set of other paisley ‘pips’ patterns to change them up a bit. Then created four groups and made an array of the instances. When animating the four originals, all the instances animated as well.

I bet the render time was fast since you did such a simplistic rendering. Good job.

Well, I have a rather old machine (2007) so I tend towards simple render setups. However, because I was using the Animation Nodes (AN) for the sound equalizer animations, the render for each frame took a bit longer. My first try actually failed to animate all the elements for some reason. But AN recently added the ability to bake the transforms to keyframes. Once doing that it was faster AND successful in animating all.

My final render used some compositing in the VSE; a vignette mask, background and glow effect. This slowed my machine down quite a bit as well.

Yeah, the rendering times is like baking a souffle. You just have to wait to get things done. Well, at least the render turned out the way you wanted it.