Greg is a patient fella, who is waiting for the artist who sculpted him to texture him and put him in a scene with a full body. But for now i thought he should say hi… any feedback is welcomed

e-mail: [email protected]

Hey, that is pretty cool, but I would work a bit on his head anatomy before texturing or adding body. It is best to start portraits from reference, your favorite actor, friend, yourself etc. Also it seems that you’ve started from a base mesh. Start from scratch next time. You will learn much faster this way.
His mouth and nose seem too small. I would loose particle eyebrows for now and fix the eyes which are probably a bit too big. Neck looks really long, and some weird things are happening on the neck base. Good luck!

Thank you!

you have good skills! just a little study of human proportions and anatomy and you will notice the change!