Gremlins... I mean, Greebles!

1st try: another one:

This is actually kind of cool- even if it is a bunch of cubes.

Did you use the discombobulator script to create this? Or did you just extrude everything?

Thanks Alden! :smiley: hell no! Imagine extruding all those faces, hehehehe. (although I once did it that way-took me forever). I discovered discombulator a couple of days ago in these forums, but I was firstly using AC3d’s greeble feature and importing the .ac into blender.
Discombulator works impressively well. Too bad it doesn’t work on triangle faces. Blender sure has a lotta hidden features you don’t know are there.
Oh yes, forgot to say, modeled in blender, renderd in Kerkythea. :slight_smile:

I tried using the discombobulator on my old computer without changing any of the settings. Lag hell. Also, I apoligize for being stupid enough to ask if you used extrusion :stuck_out_tongue:

hehehe, not at all. You don’t have to apologize. The best way to learn is by asking :wink: Believe it or not my partner created a similar image when he saw mine (an he didn’t know of the script either) an dhe created it by subdividing his mesh and extruding face by face (of course I wouldn’t miss the pleasure of letting him work for housr on it). Once he was done to show me hs work, I did it in 4 clicks! hehehehehe . Guess whi wanted to kill me! :wink:
But it was just my way of revenging after having done the same, hehehe!


Both look cool, what is the light setup for the BW one? I also discovered discomb’ script but thought it was broken as I kept hitting the generate button to no effect. Or so I thought, it turned out that the object that was active was on a hidden layer, man did that ever get heavy modeling after dicomb’ing a few times!

Wow, those look wounderful! I tried kerkythea once, and got a render out of it, but it looked awfull. Could you show us (me :)) your settings so I can try kerkythea some more for there isn’t much tutorials. What was your render time? I find both really cool, especially the top one, though the second one is great too.

Thanks David and Roger! :slight_smile:
Kerkythea is really a very powerful GI renderer. The light setup in the BW one is simply a plane with its material set as an emitter in Kt. Since it was subdivided in blender, each of its subdivisions becomes a new light generator in KT. Kt’s material editor is really outstanding as you can create materials almost visually; new users are contributing really amazing material libraries as well. About tips on KT, I’m uploading the BW xml file so you guys can render it. It was rendered using the recently announced public beta (which includes a new AA method: production AA), grab the beta here:


or latest snapshots are here. (check version and release date)

You can grab the scene here:

About learning to render with Kt I suggest 2 things:
1.check all of the tuts availble here:
They are very useful as most of them are videos. Even being for sketchup they quicly get you up and running.
2. The most important one; ask questions in the forums. Kt developers themselves will give you tips and tricks to improve your renders, it’s amazing how well they know their renderer. This is really how I got to learn the basics. After you find a good workflow, all of your renders start gaining quality as you become more experienced with Kt.
hope it helps guys! :smiley:

ps. This is another image I’m very fond of; it’s the one with which I felt I was finally understanding KT:

oh yes! 2 interesting discussions on some scenes I placed, 1 for exterior rendering and the other for interior (previous shot), here you’ll see how much I asked and how the community and developers guided me to reach good results. Better than any tut IMO :smiley:

kk, now goodbye, for real!

Thanks a whole lot Afecelis! I am doing some tutorials now and at least got the renderer to work. Thanks for sharing the scene too, I really appreciate it. If I get some nice results, I’l show you.

Thanks again!


Excuse me a moment while I go pick my jaw off the floor.

Keep up the good work!