grenade throwing.

so i have an empty add the object ‘grenade’ whenever i press shift. Now how do i make it wait two seconds before exploding?

give the gernade a timer property that starts at -2.0, and use a property sensor to see when it becomes greater than zero

yes i already know how to use a timer…but how do i make it start only when the object has been added?

Not sure if its the best way but i would have another property a boolean. When the grenade isn’t being thrown it sets the timer to -2.0. When the grenade is thrown the button pressed sets the boolean property to false which allows the timer to start.

Hope you get what i mean.

if you put the timer on the grenade it will start when it is added

heres a grenade test i made a while ago
(might not work in 2.40 though and i didn’t pack the textures)