Grenades and Tracers [First Post]

This is my first post. I am new to this. I made this by partially following the Blender Guru tutorial below. However, Blender has changed a lot since the tutorial was published so I had to change things up when it came to materials, so I did my best kind of winging it using information I learned from other tutorials. I also changed up some of the modeling.

Thanks @andrewprice for making awesome tutorials!

HDRI from:
various textures from:

Hi Kris K,

Pretty good for a first project!
The modelling of the grenade is great and the bump on it looks very realistic (I imagine - never actually held a grenade before…).
To improve I’d look at adding more dirt and grime on it - Andrew Price has some great tutorials on that as well.
The tracers haven’t really worked I’m afraid. I tried to do tracers for a recent project of mine and gave up in the end - they seem a very tricky thing to achieve for a static image.
Overall though - keep it up!

Thanks lordgert!

I was really happy with how the grenade materials came together. Thank you for the suggestion on the grunge, i will check it out.

Your right about the tracers. I was never really that happy with it but I put several hours into it today and didnt want to rip it out… sunk cost fallacy… i’m glad to hear they are tricky!



I think that it’s probably a realistic grenade right now, because my understanding is that they are often fashioned of cast iron or a similar metal and intended to be easy to grip. No one’s going to put a lot of design-detail into something purely functional that is meant to be blown up, so a fuse-grip made of a simple (and, slightly rusted) piece of sheet-metal is convincing. I think that the texture and shaping of the body is also quite realistic.

Nicely done!

@sundialsvc4 thank you!