This is a guitar I have always loved, decided to get back into blender and make it

Not much to comment on yet, but nice choice of guitar.


thanks mate :slight_smile:

Here is an update, just a render test and a bit more modelling

hey guys here is another update

Hmmm thats a white falcon II isn’t it? Love those guitars, i’m more of a bass player myself though. But one of my friends wants one of these. The background on the latest render is alright…not great though. You might want to work on the lighting also. Not bad so far though. Theres a few odd parts near the knobs though. Good job though, keep it up!

Thanks man, yer its a cross between falcon and a penguin. I havent spent to much time on lighting and background because it’s just a W.I.P.

Thats looking really nice. Keep it up(no crits, looks great so far)

ok this project will be on hold for a little white, I plan to do some work with my friend Luke from school or as he is known round here Trexcilence