Grey area in camera render?


I have an issue with a rendering. When I try to render an image (from the camera point of view), a grey area appears. This only happens when the camera is involved. If I set the viewport shading to “Render”, everything looks perfect from every viewpoint. Yet, as soon as I go to the camera view (no matter where), the grey area appears.

This is the screenshot from a given point of view (no grey area):

And this is the image from the camera point of view (grey area!):

Does anybody have a clue of why this might happen?

Thanks a lot, and sorry if the question is idle… I’m quite new to blender…


That’s the “passepartout” of the camera: The area outside of the camera’s field of view is darkened. So the “grey area” is in fact the only thing the render camera sees.

This can be turned on and off in the camera settings:

Hi IkariShinji, thanks for your reply. I did try to change the passepartout setting, but it did not remove the middle grey area (I was speaking of the middle grey ellipse, not the outer regions). Actually I solved the problem by modifying the “Clipping” value of the camera (namely by increasing the end clipping: I supposed I had elements too far away from the camera).

Thanks anyway!!