Grey Camera

Is there any reason why that when i parent my camera to the player box and start the game engine all i see is grey, but unparented it works fine (except it doesnt follow the character around) any thoughts??

Maybe your player paints your cameras lens grey ;)?

Just parent a cone to the camera. Then switch to any non-camera view. Start the game. Now you should see the cone. The cone receives its Position/orientation from the camera, so you can assume the camera does the same as the cone.

(You could also switch to wireframe, to see if there is something blocking the view of the camera).

I hope it helps

Sounds like you didn’t make the box invisible. Go to the logic tab and where it says dynamis or rigid body, click invisible. Or in edit mode select all faces and recalculate outside.

I’m using the box as a substitute player model/ character, Tried the cone thing and it shows up as doing the right thing and when i go into wireframe mode it doesn’t show anything but a completely grey screen. Also just noticed that the rasterizer is sucking all of my cpu (93%):eek:

Heres the .blend file Blend_RPG.blend (448 KB)