Grey(ed) Collada...

Hey gang!
Yhis is a long post, please bear with me. Thanks.
I’d like to explore WebGL. To do that, I use Three.JS, and Collada as model format. Blender exports nicely to Collada, and I can import the model nicely. There is no texture, though.
I heared/read that Collada (for Three.JS) needs a UV…
To keep things simple (as I have no experience with modeling yet) I started out with a plane, sized it up to 15 and deformed it to resemble a rough landscape. I’d like a apply a texture to it (grass 512x512 JPG) and once applied, it renders perfectly (F12) - when I export, the exture is gone. Bothe Collada and used textuee are in the same folder.
Can an enlightened mind (or more than one) help me out, please? Thanks…

Found a solution: UV textures…it works, only that my grass texture is too small and my landscape looks like green soup :slight_smile: