Grey face in Edit Mode

I’m new to Blender and have been using the version 2.48a and when I enter in edit mode I always have a grey face in any mesh, is it normal?![file:///C:/Users/PVRP/Desktop/grey_face_editmode_blender.jpg](file:///C:/Users/PVRP/Desktop/grey_face_editmode_blender.jpg)


looks like a bug, when I extrude then undo it disappears, but the grey face returns when I get out of edit mode them come back to it.

mya be by looking at it we can tell more


That differently colored face is the ‘active’ face. Basically, it’s the face you selected last.

In some away that’s true, now I’m able to change the grey face in the face select mode, but this also happens in new mesh’s, those I didn’t edit yet. By the way how can I deselect all faces, because there must be some away, I’m doing a video tutorial and on the video this issue doesn’t happen?

Even when you deselect everything, it will remain that color. It will only change when you select a new face.

Don’t feel like the lone ranger! Here is a post I made earlier. There is a link to documentation about unwrapping in one of the replies.

LOL, is the exact same thing, clinic eye…