Grey patches in edit mode?

Hey i have a concern about modeling i have been following a youtube tutorial to help me start using blender obviously the tutorial uses an older version of blender but when the adjust edit modifier cage to result is off (1) like it is in the video, the model in the video is still smooth ? and does not have the grey patches i have as seen in (2)

any help would be appreciated

Are you sure? With 1 off you would see the rougher form so it would make no sense for it existence if you see the finer one…

again the one in the youtube tutorial had it off and the model was smooth i could not tell the version number even hd it the quality of the video made it difficult to tell maybe different version different settings maybe?

enable smooth shading for the object from the tool shelf

Either smooth shading or higher subdivision.

smooth shading does nothing and higher subdivision just makes it look more obvious

Then you have to post comparison with the video because my crystal ball does not show what do you want to achieve.

here i know that the adust edit cage is on but the model is smooth regardless and does not even have the grey patches i have

Differences from your and hers are, she has smooth shading and level 2 viewport subsuf, you have no smooth shading and level 1 viewport subsurf. That’s what I can tell from screenshots.

i have done smooth shading and level 2 subsurf in edit mode, with out the adjust edit cage it shows grey patches in edit mode with adjust edit cage on doesnt i am pretty sure even though the youtube tutorials were uploaded 10 months ago a few updates have occured since then

Okay, but what grey patches now, I see it looks OK.

thats object mode not edit mode

I give up. You can’t write in a proper way what problem do you have, I won’t keep guessing. You don’t include .blend, you don’t include multiple screenshots and you don’t even post a proper text description of what is your problem.
You just push some one-breath pseudo-sentences here without any punctuation whatsoever, with some screenshots (in which one does not even show your problem?!) and expect everyone to just guess what’s on your mind.

Good luck man.

found it a screenshot of what is what i want see in edit mode there is no grey patches even in edit mode with no adjust cage edit on

Looks like pinching to me, some of the faces between the eyes and nose are nonplanar.

You need to smooth them out.

pinching ??

I think I understand what is going on?
These grey patches aren’t any real problems. The edit cage in this screenshot is showing the original mesh without subdivision surface. Meanwhile the mesh that is being shown has subdivision surface. The edit cage’s faces darken what is behind it just slightly.
Sometimes (on really sharp angles) the subdivided mesh will clip through the edit cage. That is probably what is causing these grey patches.
When you check on 1 in this screenshot, it subdivides the edit cage too which makes it flow with the mesh instead of clipping through it.

i see so smooth angles then ?

Not exactly. If you have a higher density mesh, you will probably see this less. which is why you don’t see it on that video (what i’m guessing that other screenshot is from). They have some edges closer together on the sharper angles such as the eyelids.

okay i will just have to mess around with the vertices then it is going to be a pain in the neck thanks for all your help Acrivec Okidoki GrimZA Mikequeen123