Grey Screen on Render

Very noob question!:o

I’m getting a grey screen when rendering project 1, but visible render on project 2 (both blender render).

It works if I switch to cycle render, but it seems like I can only apply UV mapping in blender render.

Any idea why project 1 wants to ruin my life?:confused:

Project 1

Project 2

Not enough info supplied. Please attach or post a link to your blend file

Thank you Richard! :slight_smile:
Projects link:

I have a solution to this problem :slight_smile:
If you want to render this model by Blender Render you need to:
Go into properties panel>Material
Next uncheck the button “Use shader nodes to render the material” and it shoud work.

Alternatively you can remove that material and create new one.

If you want to render it in Cycles Render you need to:

  1. Unwrap your mesh
  2. Go into Material panel
  3. Under the surface you might click “Use Nodes” (if it was disabled)
  4. Click on the gray dot in the color line
  5. Choose “Image Texture” from the list
  6. Finally click on the image icon and choose yours image.

PERFECT SOLUTION! Worked like a charm :smiley:
Thank you so much for your help Keri007!

Hi guys I am on the same situation ! anyone can help ?

go into your compositor and plug this in:

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I am experiencing the same problem please help!!!

renders out fine here:

Yo can you render it for me and send it to me from google drive. For me the render straight up is gray