grey screen when saving runtime

Hi. I’m working in my final degree project which is an animated human face mesh from a 3D scanner.
I’ve already posted this in Blender general but I think it fits better here.

This is a survey of my post:

I’m modelling a mesh (which is a human 3d scanned face) and I’ve made some animation with an armature. I’ve assigned some keyboard keys to certain parts of the action strip to make it smile, move the mouth, etc. When I play the animation in Blender it works correctly and interacts with the keyboard pressing. All perfect. Is when I save the runtime that I get the problem as the executable file displays only a grey screen. I’ve already done an .avi file (with no key pressing, of course) and it works perfectly.

Someone wrote that it isn’t possible to make an executable file from an animation. In that case, how are the games made?

I’ve tried with a simple game of a ball that moves over a plane. And the results are the same. Maybe a problem with my OS?

I’m using XP with SP2 and Blender 2.37a.

Thanks a lot.

Hi again

want you to post your file?

Do you mean the .blend file?

Yeah that way we can open it easier and check it out.

Did you happen to pack the textures? This might make everything grey in the runtime, or at least the models.


I have no problem sharing my model with you, but it is a head scanned by my project tutor in an image conference in Madrid. I don’t know this guy neither my tutor does. I’m just using it for practising before we scan another head. If you want, I can send it to you to any e-mail account but I wouldn’t like it being published in the web. I will publish my final work when it is finished, and with a known head (maybe mine).

Maybe it looks like I don’t want to share my work but I prefer not to share the head of a guy I don’t know.

Tell me where you want it and I will send it to you.

Many thanks.

Ok. It worked, but I don-t know why.

I had a camera tracked to the face. I erased it, then added another one, and it worked. thanks a lot. If you still want to see it, let me know and I’ll send it to you.


Were you using constraints? Normal Blender constraints dont work in the game engine.

No, I only had it tracked to my object. I do not know what happened.

Tracking is a constraint, it’s called the TrackTo constraint. :slight_smile:

Ok, sorry for my lack of knowledge. :expressionless: Hope it helps for new users (like I realise I am).

So, if I want a camera tracking, what should I do?

Thanks for all.

the edit object / track to actuator

Just to elaborate on what z3r0 d said: Select the camera and go to the logic brick buttons (F4). Add an Always sensor, an AND controller and an ‘Edit Object’ actuator (you’ll need to change the actuator type from Motion to ‘Edit Object’). In the actuator change the ‘Add Object’ selection to ‘Track To’ and put the name of the head object in the OB: field. Now just connect the logic bricks up and you’re done! :slight_smile:

You also need to enable the 3D button on the actuator.

Keith. 8)

Ok, thanks a lot. I’ve uploaded an overview of my project in “works in progress” section.

Waiting for your comments. (Please be kind)

Thanks to all.

It’s a nice idea but thats far too many bones for just the face. It wouldn’t be practical for use in the game engine if you’ve got several characters like that. Facial animations are best done with RVKs. The game engine doesn’t natively support RVKs but you can write a python script to implement them. I plan to do that oneday when I have the time.

Keith. 8)