GREYBEARD if your out there read this (everyone else too)

i would like to see a tutorials on how to rig a character. with ik constraints, the advanced stuff.

anyone who is up to the task i am willing to provide webspace for the tute whether its video if its needed.

Can you seriously not find any rigging tutorials out there?

After about 30 seconds of searching: <-- Very good.

also, check:

Do some searching before asking people to do it for you.


He said the advanced stuff. Those tutorials are fairly basic and don’t show how to use all the constraints. I think he is referring to a complex rig for a complex mesh. I did some of those tutorials and still had to learn most from just playing around with the stuff and getting instructions here (eg. for action constraints).
I already know how to use much of this stuff but would like to see a video tutorial too on creating an advanced rig.

He asked for IK constraints, they cover that at least.

Some more advanced stuff should be around soon, Bassam said he would try and do a video tut like he did for the conference.

I think that most of what you learn should be done through experimenting, then you understand how to apply the knowledge in a variety of situations.


Hi, I’ve got some plans for post-conference material:
1- paper write-up of the presentation, with images and blend files. This is not really optional as I owe it to the conference. Timeframe- its in progress now.
2- A fully rigged “Mr. Basic” type character, generic, with good deformations, perhaps some basic actions. Good for riggers to analyze and animators to practice. Timeline: ?
3- Video tute/flash tute. I probably need some help with this, and my biggest concern is accessability- size can be a problem, I need to be able to make it on my system (linux) and it needs to play on all the blender platforms… Timeline: I hope.

I’m also planning a developer oriented document to show some problems, workflow and otherwise, with the current system, and maybe a couple of wishlist items. Also in progress.

PS. the blendfiles from number 1 include a rigged character, but it is extremely simple, good for practice and quickdemo stuff.

skildigit: wow. u got ur work cut out for u.

For the vid/flash tute use wink
im not sure if it will work on linux.

If u need a mirrior for ur stuff id be happy to provide space. Pm me if u need some.