Greyhound (Dog)

Hello blender community, here is a project I just started.

I’ve decided to model my pet, a greyhound, namded “Gypsy”. More info on my dog HERE. (A homeade website devoted to my dog:o)

Here is the image I used for reference:

Here is the wireframe:

Here is the latest render:

Let me know if my topology is in-correct! I know, the ears are messed up, they will be fixed soon! All critiques are welcome!

This is what I have to do:
-Finish tweaks on the main mesh
-Sculp in details and muscles
-Make the feet
-Unwrap her (The dog), and texture her.
-Rig her.
-Make a final

Thanks for looking,

Looking good so far… This looks like a great opportunity to put the sculpting tools to the test… that is if you arnt worried about poly count.
I think if you sculpted out some of the finer details that would be a great model.

Although I find it somewhat hard to judge the proportions given the amount of perspective in the screenshots, I think it looks very good. The topology looks perfect for sculpting with all quads and very few poles.

I did a little bit of sculpting, but not much. I don’t see how people can get that much detail without adding tons and tons of polys! Anyways, here is a pic of the side view, with less perspective so you can see the porpotions. I need to fix the head and the neck a little, other than that I think it looks like my dog!

Anyone have any suggestions on how to make the texture? Should I just use the reference image like I am now?

Hi, nice one Rozzy.
The Greyhound is a strong muscular dog.
The front & hind legs especially need some muscle.
The texture is ok, you could redefine it a little.
(It looks a lot like my Greyhound X)
For the best references try Googling Greyhound Breeder Standards.
The definitions can be quite helpful in refining attributes.
good work.

Good points, The reference I used is kinda of a chunky greyhound. I mainly used it because of its brindle color, and size, similiar to my retired hound. I found this awesome website:

scroll past all the goobly-gook to where it defines the parts. Thanks for letting me know what to search for. I’ll have an update soon.

After going through some of those, Mainly head, neck, and front legs…

I’m trying to define the muscles more, but it’s hard with the “blurry” texture. I need a good side-view of a brindle greyound.

EDIT: I have no clue how to do the feet. I’m clueless! Plz help!

I like what you’ve got so far and I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

Sorry I haven’t had any updates lately… Just got a Zune! Anyways…

Do you have any crits on the anatomy/muscle struction/Posture? This is what I need to know before I start sculpting the small details…

Adding tons of polys is the point…:wink:
Of course once you sculpt and have it the way you want it then you go back and bake those polys into a normal map on a lowpoly version.
As for the topology… I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a greyhound personally so I wouldn’t be a good source of info. Although something about his rear leg looks a little to thin…maybe thats the way its supposed to be.