Greymourn Mortar

It’s a hand mortar based on a Greymourn Mortar from Mutant Chronicles: WarZone game. I took the basic idea of rotary loaded hand mortar and redesigned it in my way. I wanted it to look a little bit Fallout like style.

Rockets are mounted on a revolving drum then are loaded inside with a small carriage. To minimize recoil mortar butt is equiped with pistons.

I am not familiar with the video game, but cool model and materials.

Thanks Modron =) That’s actually not a video game. WarZone is a miniature board game unfortunately a little bit forgotten. The same realm is used in a card game Doom Trooper.

Great work on the modeling and textures- I think you accomplished your goal in making the weapon feel in-line with the Fallout series. The personalized elements and the overall bodged together look reminded me of Fallout straight away.

Maybe one day you could even 3D print this and incorporate it into a game!

super cool model! great work