Greyscale Office

I’ve noticed I have this tendency with new projects. I’ll start it, maybe make a couple of really detailed objects and straight away start working on colours/materials/textures. So then after a while of working, I may have some really nice objects, but the rest of the scene hasn’t had as much love and attention.

I decided to work on an office scene, and I set myself a bit of a challenge: make the whole scene without going near the Materials panel. I know it might seem trivial to some, but I’m actually excited at what I come up with in the end.

So far I’ve the CEO’s desk, a sort of coffee/meeting area, a couch and some cupboards at the side.
Next thing I think will be interesting to try is a second level to the office, maybe with a library or something.

Comments and critiques welcome!

  • Mayeo

Aerial view, lotta space to work with

Coffee/meeting area

CEO’s desk