Grid and color stuff


First - is there a way to turn off the grid in the viewport, cause I must have missed it.
Second - We need a better way to pick colors, like when making new materials. Setting RGB’s manually is fine but having a nifty little colormap to choose from would be even nicer:)


third - will physics engine of game blender work with regular animation aswell. Kewl if it does:)
fourth - particle deflectors? To make sure they don’t fall through the floor.

1 - All I can think of is to edit your theme so the grid matches the background, but this is a bit of a pain to switch back and forth (and the grid will still show up in a non-default view).

2 - Dunno.

3 - There’s a python script floating around here somewhere that can take game engine actions and convert to IPOs, a hard-coded way would have to be discussed with a game engine developer.

4 - For that, you may try using the damp option (it might work, might not) or parenting your particle emitter to a lattice.

Yes, must go to the view menu of the 3d window => view properties => grid lines => zero. If you want this to be a default setting, you can make CTRL-U to save the current blender state as default startup state.

3 and 4 would be really cool, especially 3!! There’s nothing more frustrating to know that blender is able to do something, but you cannot directly access it for normal renderings, exept if you use scripts or other work-arounds.


Thanks for the replies!:slight_smile:

Preferences for displaying the grid floor and either of the X, Y, Z axes in the 3D view have been added to CVS.