Grid based movement with turning restrictions

Hi, I’m trying to make an object keyboard movable (forward, turn left, turn right), however I only want to allow full 90 degree turns (smooth ones, lasting ~1 second) and while turning not allow forward motion. Or rather I’d tell you what the idea is, a simple grid like movement, with full 90 degree turns (as mentioned).

I’ve tried to both look around and experiment with python, but nothing I do seems to get me quite to the end. Being quite new to the thing doesn’t really help.

So I’m basically fishing for any information that you people might have got, and I mean it, noting is too small. Thanks :slight_smile:

this allows for a smooth movement between co-ordinates, you could hand it co-ords which you increment by a set amount each time you move.

smoothMove.blend (135 KB)

@Haker: Code looks like it’s for 2.49, it isn’t working in 2.58 for me.

Lizzzard, what version of Blender are you using? Some people are still using the old version or python code from the old API.

Thanks, gave me some ideas.

I’m trying to use 2.58.1, however can’t seem to find any good resources for 2.5… Sometimes feels like it would be easier to step back a couple of minor versions.

This is what I’ve got so far:
maze.v0.1.blend (413 KB)
However it sure needs work, and it took its time to get anything at all that “worked”.