Grid/Camera Problems

I have a problem with the grid/camera, it has always done this before, if i create a new scene, and at any time switch to view through the camera, whenever i rotate my viewport around the object, the grid a view is all screwy, sorry for lack of details but its hard to describe, just try it yourself

Make a new scene, Press Num0, then rotate the viewport around the cube its diffrent rather than if you never press Num0 to look through the camera.

its like… before hand the grid resembles a plane going directly through the object, facing the screen, so you could use it for spacing ect. but afterwards you see sort of a ‘percpective’ of the grid.

And the worst part is i cant find a way to change it back, even saving/exiting/restarting/loading, whatever occures its saved to the .blend file…

it gets incredibly annoying if im working on a model for any length of time and my finger slips to the Num0 key =/ please help, any ideas to change this back to normal?

I can not really follow your explanations but have you ever pressed NUMPAD5 to toggle between perspective and orthographic camera view?

No, i cant say that I have, and that happends to be exactly what i was looking for o.o
Thanks! ^^

too bad i feel dumb now…

P.S. something else maybe you can help me with… Im following the joan of arc tutorial, thats oh-so popular and its telling me to weld this vert over (pic)

to make it look like

Im finding this incresingly difficult, everythime i merge the two, it creates a triangle, ive even tried erasing the vert and attempting to make my own face there, but blender wont let me… think you can help?

Doing what the tutorial shows creates a ngon, blender does not support ngons.
All is not lost, just leave the two faces inside the red outline as quads, select them both and extrude out, then delete these two faces and you’ll have your mesh looking like it is a few steps further on in the tutorial.
Also note when you get to the following part where it says make this line invisible, just ignor it.

Thanks Hazza, I did some really wierd stuff and got uh… under par results you could say, im going to go back and rework it the way you said.

Thanks for the help