Grid [Download]

Hi guys and welcome to Grid, now a finished game! I am proud to release it, although I stopped development, it should still be a bit fun! Enjoy it guys! :slight_smile:

What is it?
It’s a game in which you get points by killing enemies. It is first person and third person. There are also 3 different game types.

Point Counter: My favourite game mode, I find it the most fun.
Kill Factor: Kind of a tutorial level, not so fun.
Wave Surfer: Was going to be big but now only has 5 waves, sorta’ fun.

Arrow keys to move
Spacebar to shoot
1/2 to change view (first-person/third-person)
B/Y to change colours (recommended to hit B!)
Shift to zoom out (Highly recommended)
P to pause
Scroll to toggle sounds

There are three,
Red - weak
Yellow - medium
Multi-coloured - strong

Video Gameplay:


This game took me a while so any comments are really appreciated! I would love to know you guys’ score (in Point Counter). This game was made entirely by me using only logic bricks, only external software was GIMP. The music is by @hackedmind)

Thanks to anyone who downloads and enjoy the game! :wink:

I never make it over the ~450 Mark. -___-

Good little Game. HackedMind’s Music is, once again, very good, even though I am not sure whether something different would fit better – however, the Contrast might as well be pleasing. However, I wish you would have put in some Sounds – but none are probably better than some bad Ones.

(Strange is that while I played it I got a sudden Wish to play the Brazilian Game Guimo again… guess because of permanently keeping the Spacebar-Shoot pressed.^^)

(B.t.W., it gets a strong Lag after some Time Playing.)

Thanks for playing! :slight_smile:
I feel like this project was a success because of a download, so thank you! :wink:
About the sounds, I can’t make them for my life and I was worried a bullet sound would become repetitive and annoying so I left some BG music. The power keeps going every 10-20 minutes so I can’t put up a video. 450 is pretty good by the way (in Point Counter,right?). I should’ve made a tutorial or something!

P.S. My record in Point Counter is 1244, There are ‘strategies’. :smiley:


It’s funny!! :D:D

Thank you. :slight_smile:

It’s funny!! :D:D

Erm… ok, glad it made you smile!

High scores anyone? :slight_smile:

really enjoyed this, is fun to play

looks like a fun game! i can’t get on to megaupload though. Not sure why…
ive got a cube-based game of my own id like to share with this forum but being a new user im not allowed to post URLs until ive made ten posts =/
really like the music as well.

Hey the game was cool to play. didn’t score much though.:smiley:
btw you might want to upload it to somewhere else since megaupload is now censored.:no:

Awesome work Ross, the game is simple but its really cool congratulations and thanks for share with us!

Thanks everyone (massive smile). :smiley:
I will upload to different sites now, thanks again!

Download link updated, see first post.

Thanks for the download and suggestion but I’m fine with releasing the blend :wink:
I also updated the first post for bGame,

downloaded it finally! that was a fun game. it does start to lag after a while though.
also… i beat your high score. 1383 points :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you and congratulations :wink: You win a virtual cookie :smiley:

Cool really fun playing. But its hard to stay long alive. I got not over 58 points :-(. How did C.A ligàri reach 450? and now just saw that @a66448579 reached 1383.??

I think the most important Strategy is to »abuse« the Safe Zone in the Center. If you do it right, you can lure your Enemies into that Zone and they will freeze.
Another basic Method is to get some Distance: After some Time you will have quite a Bunch of Enemies following you but they will be penned up to a little Crowd and you can almost shoot them in a Row.

Yeah, the strategy for me is to do diamonds and drive through the safe-zone, never letting go of spacebar! :slight_smile:
I posted this on bGame if anyone wants to rate/download.

Just discovered .blend file no longer available on bGame